The Blackdown Flock of Pedigree Poll Dorsets is a closed flock of superior genetic merit, with a high health status. It is managed using modern methods, but makes the most of their traditional characteristics.

Located a few miles to the east of the Wellington Monument on the northern Blackdown Hills, the farm is largely within the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme, which supports maintaining the fields and hedgerows in a traditional fashion. At nearly 1000 feet above sea level, the farm sits high within this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The farm is a member of Linking the Environment and Farming (LEAF) and, through the Waitrose Farming Partnership, is a supporter of FWAG.The farm is permanent grassland, uses practically no fertiliser, and only spot sprays to manage invasive weeds. Soil trace elements are analysed every ten years and supplemented, if needed.

Minimum inputs mean that the stock has to work hard to earn its keep; making it a lean and hardy, yet healthy flock. Lambing only in the autumn; outside on grass, where they are then reared, ensures the out of season lambing characteristics are retained. Use of the data from Signet recording, matched to close visual inspection, only the highest quality stock is kept for replacements and sale.

Updated February 2015